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The First Asian SPAC in Europe, Finnex Acquisition Corp., Plans for IPO in Italy

( – Finnex Acquisition Corp. (“Finnex”), incorporated in the form of a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), aims to file for an initial public offering in Italy.

Finnex, the first Asian fintech SPAC in Europe, intends to invest mainly in the acquisition of privately owned banks and fintech companies to strategically support the acceleration of digital banking across Europe and Asia.

The team is led by the Asian board of directors; Jeremy Mah and Melati Musa, who are from NeuXP Group, an award-winning fintech start-up based out of Malaysia, and the European board of directors and audit committee; Prof. Avv. Niccolo Abriani, Dr. Avv. Daniele D’Alvia, Prof. Avv Andrea Borroni, Prof. Milos Vulanovic, Prof. Dr. Ilenia Sala and Dr. Riccardo Ronchi. The directors are among experienced financial, fintech, mergers and acquisitions, legal and audit professionals, with some having been the pioneers in the SPACs field. Indeed, both Dr. Avv. Daniele D’Alvia and Prof. Milos Vulanovic are among the pioneers in SPACs’ studies, respectively, in law and economics. This is the first time ever that a SPAC is supported by SPAC experts who provide unique financial knowledge in the SPACs’ industry. Furthermore, this is one of the first SPACs in Europe to fully implement American corporate features such as the decoupling mechanism between shares and warrants or the fractional warrant structure.

The team is also supported by its legal advisor, SPACs Consultancy Ltd, with offices in London and Milan. SPACs Consultancy Ltd is the first consultancy company in the world that focuses entirely on SPACs and investment vehicles.

Finnex plans to list on the Alternative Investment Market in Milan by June 2021.

Source :Finnex Acquisition Corp. S.p.A.

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